Airbus Americas

213 N Mead Wichita, KS 67202

Airbus Americas Engineering is responsible for the design and stress work for the wings on all new and existing models of Airbus aircraft. For more information about Airbus in the U.S., go to

Airbus has a growing presence in North and Latin America, with more than 60 customers across the region employing a full-range of Airbus aircraft. Major carriers, low-cost operators, cargo airlines and leasing companies across the Americas have ordered every Airbus aircraft model - from the 100-seat A318 to the 21st century flagship A380.

Wichita is known as one of the world’s aviation capitals, and is home to Airbus Americas Engineering – which oversees the company’s growing U.S. engineering activities. At the Wichita design office, approximately 200 engineers work on the A380 and other long-range Airbus jetliners.

With its proud heritage in aircraft engineering and manufacturing, Wichita is a destination of choice for a growing cadre of aviation and aerospace professionals. At our Wichita location, our employees enjoy a lifestyle as rich as your career. A high quality of life, plentiful affordable housing, and excellent educational, cultural and recreational resources all add up to a great place to live and work.