Associated Integrated Marketing

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Marketing, PR, advertising.

Because the user experience is at the heart of everything we do, our first job is to define your target audience. Then we measure every strategy and tactic by its impact on their experience, ensuring that only those that resonate best survive to execution. Around that core, we assemble a team of experts to manage each project, driving integration from the ground up — across all disciplines and across all media.

Client Services
Our Client Services staff acts as our primary connection to the clients we serve, facilitating communication, providing insight and acting as the guardian of our client’s brands. Some of the services they provide include:

Account Management
Account Planning
Business Planning
Brand Development and Management
Sales Team Integration
B2B Communications
New Product Development
Program and Promotional Development
Retail Communications
Project Management
Connections Planning

Our Connections Planning staff determines the strategies and messaging that will resonate with your target audiences, then identifies the most effective ways to reach them and measure the results. Some of their services include:

Key Insights
Strategic Development
Messaging Strategy
Media Planning
Integration Strategy
Metrics Planning

Our Creative staff translates final strategies and messaging into impactful tactics across all media to grab the attention of your target audiences and communicate in a powerful, actionable way. Some of their services include:

Creative Strategy
Message Development
Tactical Development
Creative Execution
Creative Integration
Public Relations

Our Public Relations staff helps clients communicate more effectively through a variety of media channels to generate a positive and credible presence among peers and customers. Some of their services include:

Communications Consulting
News Media Relations
Social Media and Digital Communications
Editorial Services
Community Affairs
Event Planning and Management
Promotional Support
Speaker’s Bureau
Industry Analyst Relations

Our deployment staff facilitates our production and distribution processes and ensures quality through painstaking attention to detail every step of the way. Some of their services include:

Production Management
Resource Management
Logistical Planning
Scheduling and Estimating
Vendor Selection and Management
Quality Control
Digital Services

While we’ve called out digital as a specialized service, don’t be fooled. Our digital team participates in virtually every project, providing insights that help maximize integration across all channels. By embedding digital strategies within the overall marketing framework, we ensure that your message remains omnipresent in the lives of your audience.

Digital Strategies
Social Media Strategies
Information Architecture
Site Design and Development
Content Development and Management
Messaging Syndication
SEO/SEM Services
Predictive ROMI/Analytics
Online Media and Advertising
Mobile Marketing
App Development
Database Marketing/CRM
Get integrated. Get Associated.

Please don’t call us a design agency, interactive agency or new media agency. We’re more than any of those labels imply. At Associated, we believe in true integration, extending your messaging across all relevant media to connect with your audience when and where they are. Sometimes that means digital, sometimes traditional. But most often, it’s a combination of digital, social, traditional, nontraditional and point-of-sale that helps build the associations you need. Yet, because we’re media neutral, we don’t start with that framework in mind. Instead, we let your audience tell us when and where they’re most open to getting associated with your brand, and react accordingly.