Heartland Bicycle

111 N. Mosley Wichita, KS 67202

Bicycles, equipment, professional staff.

All Bike Services/Repair
Our full-service repair shop welcomes all makes and models. Shop owner Byron and head mechanic Dave have more than ? years of experience repairing bikes. Bring in your bike today to get that smooth ride you desire!

A bike tune-up is a complete inspection, adjustment and lubrication of your bicycle. We adjust gears and brakes, true wheels, adjust the headset, bottom bracket, axle cones and check all nuts and bolts during a tune up. We will also lube your bike as needed. During a tune-up, we perform all repairs necessary to put your bike into the best shape it can be in for safe and reliable operation.

Custom Bike Fitting
Easily the most important aspect of selecting a new bike is achieving the right fit. Forget the in's and out's of titanium vs. steel vs. aluminum, ignore the road tests and race wins. One thing matters more than anything else when you select your new bike-that it fits you! Dave and Byron are masters of the bike fitting process and will help you get the right fit for your next ride.

Wheel Building
Got a broken spoke? Bent Rim? We can assist you! Wheel building, or lacing, includes replacing rims, hubs, or the spokes. We can also disassemble your wheel, clean all the parts, and then rebuild your wheels.

Wheel Repair
Just a quick fix on a flat or wobble? Stop in and we will get you back on the road!

Repair Classes
Learn how to perform basic maintenance to keep your bike, and you, riding smoothly. Workshop topics include safety checks, lubing and cleaning your bike, fixing flats, and handling chain problems on a ride. Bring your flat-repair tools and the front wheel from your bike.