Legasus Group

121 N Mead, Ste. 109 Wichita, KS 67202

Family owned, family business consulting

From one person providing strategic planning assistance to small and medium-sized companies, Legasus Group has evolved into a team of professionals offering a wide range of services for family-owned businesses.

The company was founded in 1977 by Clemens H. Ast, with a mission of improving the quality of life and economic well being of the family in business. To achieve that vision, the consultants at Legasus Group blend their extensive knowledge of sound business practices with high quality, hands-on assistance for the owners and leadership teams of clients. Our professionals have served as chief executive officers, presidents, board members, facilitators, and educators in diverse companies across the nation and abroad. From manufacturing to telecommunications, our firm assists clients in a range of industries.

Today, Legasus Group still upholds the founding vision of seeing family businesses succeed. As a family business itself, it makes sense that Legasus Group would understand the needs of those who now, more than ever, are making a tremendous impact on the nation's economy.