Old Town Warren Theatre

353 N. Mead Wichita, KS 67202

The ultimate movie experience!

The OldTown Theatre Grille offers luxury, comfort and quality in all of our 7 theatres. An extraordinary premium movie theatre and dining experience captured in one unique entertainment venue, is changing the way people watch movies, create romantic moments, eat and socialize. The OldTown Theatre Grille offers you the height of luxury, comfort and quality in both your movie and food experiences.

Every theatre screen in Oldtown Theatre Grille has replaced the 35 mm film with state-of-the-art digital projectors. As the only all digital theatre in Kansas that serves food to every theatre, you have the ability to be lavished with a premium movie experience. Relax in our ultra-luxurious high back rocking chairs with extra wide isles for ample foot room, eat a sumptuous meal served to your seat, sip premium cocktails and wine, and then retire to the patio for delicious coffee and dessert.

Each theatre features an upscale, yet inviting and comfortable atmosphere in which to dine while watching a major motion picture. And our unique venues, such as the Director’s Suite, are built specifically with the discriminating movie-going and dining customer in mind.

As the center piece for the Oldtown Plaza, the OldTown Theatre Grille is centrally located in downtown Wichita, KS. Enjoy dinner and a movie at the OldTown Theatre Grille, and then peruse the shops in the Plaza. With an attached parking garage that offers free parking and over three levels, access to the OldTown Theatre Grille is easy and safe.

About the Digital experience.
The Warren Theatres has a reputation known throughout the country with providing movie patrons with a quality experience that few movie theatres can match. To enhance the movie experience, Warren Theatres are dedicated to continually research and implement the latest movie technology. Celluloid 35mm film has been used to shoot, distribute and screen movies for more than 100 years. Now, the movie industry is at the threshold of the biggest change in its history: the transition from film to digital. Digitally mastered movies allow filmmakers the ability to showcase imaginative works of art exactly as they were intended, with incredible realism and detail and in a range of up to 35 trillion colors. Because digital features aren’t susceptible to scratching and fading, digital presentations will always remain clear and sharp every time they are shown. Furthermore, digital projection also enables us to show films that have been produced in digital 3D.

Several human and film related factors regularly cause the 35mm film to be out of focus. Digital projectors are focused by a computer and then locked in to perfect focus, show after show. Digital projectors and their computer components accurately and consistently distribute and even amount of light across a movie screen whereas 35mm film projectors often throw light unevenly across the screen. Moreover, 35mm projector bulbs fade as the bulbs wear out. This causes the images on the screen to look dim. In contrast a digital projector and its computer components will increase the power to a bulb and brighten the picture if it detects a bulb is wearing out.

Digital cinema encompasses every aspect of the movie making process, from production and post-production to distribution and projection. While digital cameras are nothing new, and post-production houses have been using digital equipment to edit and master movies and animation for some time, the all-digital distribution and projection of movies has only recently arrived to complete the process.

A digitally produced or digitally converted movie can be distributed to theatres via satellite, physical media, or fiber optic networks. The digitized movie is stored by a computer/server which provides the digital projector with each screening of the movie.

As the theatre industry makes great technological leaps, Warren Theatres is committed to offering the highest quality 2D and 3D film experience.

Digital 3D
Digital films can also be formatted in 3D. To create a 3D effect on a movie screen, there are actually two images – one for the right eye and one for the left eye. A realistic 3D system replicates the way a human eye perceives depth by delivering a spate image to each eye. The 3D images are decoded by viewers wearing lightweight glasses that are similar to sunglasses. With these special glasses, movie patrons can enjoy realistic 3D effect that can only be seen in movie theatres equipped with the special 3D digital projectors and specially made silver screens.

How our service works.
Service directly at your seat for full food and bar menu.

The Oldtown Theatre Grille offers a full menu of freshly made items by our executive chef that includes starters, sandwiches, salads, entrees, desserts, and daily specials. Come before your movie and enjoy a meal in our lobby bar or patio, or have our service staff take care of your directly at your theatre seat. We encourage movie patrons who wish to order food to arrive 30 minutes prior to the movie, however, please feel free to place your order at your convenience anytime during the movie if you chose to.

If you would like to take a drink or food purchased from the lobby bar or patio into the theatre you are welcome to do so. At the host stand the host/hostess will ask if you want a menu and if you will be drinking alcohol. If you are drinking alcohol please have you ID ready and the host will place a wrist band on you. Once inside your theatre you chose your seat.

We strive to provide as close to full-service restaurant service as our process allows. We pay our servers the same as other restaurants and they rely upon tips for their income. Before you enter your theatre you will see a menu stand located at the door. This will list the daily specials and what server is assigned to what row in that theatre. Our row numbers begin with “0”at the front, closest to the screen. Once seated simply press the button “service indicator light” on your armchair at any time you need service. Our server will be by to greet you, inform you of our food and drink specials, answer any questions, and take your order.

The servers have assistants that will bring you your concessions, food, and bar orders to you if your server is busy taking other orders. Please let any one of the assistants know if you have any questions or require any service and they will ensure to help you.

Your server will be by periodically to check on the quality of your food, refill any drinks, and to bus your table. If at any time you need refills, wish to have your tray removed, or need any service, simply press the button and your server will be with you momentarily. The servers will come around to hand you your check and then be back to process the payment. If at any time you wish to pay your bill please let your server know.

Our main objective is to provide unobtrusive service, delicious made to order food, and a first rate film experience. If you enjoyed your service we encourage our customers to take care of their servers with a traditional restaurant tip percentage of 18 – 20%. If you feel your service was substandard our managers are always available to discuss your concerns and address any issues during or after the movie.


Old Town Warren Theatre
Old Town Warren Theatre